The health and safety of our franchisee’s employees and customers is always our priority. Our franchisees remain alert and diligent to the frequency of cleaning and are committed to taking the steps necessary to keep their restaurants safe for employees and customers.

COVID-19 is a form of the coronavirus that can cause respiratory illness. Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food. It is not a foodborne illness, but it must be taken seriously. Franchisees are committed to ensuring the highest level of health safety through strict compliance with local, state, and federal food safety standards.

Stay informed through trusted organizations, such as ServSafe, CDC, IFA, WHO and OSHA. We will periodically update information that will supplement the resources available to you via your state’s and local agencies health departments. Franchisees are focused on the following:

1) Reviewing proper handwashing techniques offered via the CDC.
2) Ensuring all hand soaps, hand sanitizers, and paper towels are well stocked.
3) Ensuring all their employees are washing and sanitizing their hands, especially when returning from the dining room.
4) Positioning sanitizer at frequent contact areas such as, the order entry and order close stations, beverage table, and/or trash receptacles.
5) Reviewing procedures related to proper glove use.
6) Ensuring sanitizer water solution is made correctly and that high contact surfaces such as tabletops and booths, bathrooms, door handles, hard surface countertops, workstations, the beverage station, trash receptacles, credit card machines, and other frequently contacted surfaces are cleaned and sanitized regularly throughout the day.
7) Reviewing their employee policies for reporting illness and returning to normal work duties.
8) Ensuring that their employees practice proper personal hygiene.

To stay informed with the most recent updates related to COVID-19, please refer to the following information sources:

Please refer to your local health department for further details.
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