Penn Station Athlete of the Year


Winter Winner

Alex Behnke Penn Station Athlete of the Month

Alex Behnke

Donelson Christian Academy

Parents: Christy and Rob
Sibling(s): Andrew
Favorite Penn Station Store: Hermitage
Favorite Penn Station Sandwich: Club
Sports Hero: Meghan King
Extracurricular Activities: Executive Secretary Student Council, President of National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Student Ambassador.
Favorite Book: An Abundance of Katherines
Role Model: My Mom
Plans after high school: "Play Softball at College University and Study Business."

Fall Winners

Lily Thomas Penn Station Athlete of the Month

Lily Thomas

Christ Presbyterian Academy

Parents: Connie and David
Sibling(s): Witt and Baker
Favorite Penn Station Store: Bellevue
Favorite Penn Station Sandwich: Cold Chicken Salad
Sports Hero: Katie Ledecky
Extracurricular Activities: Yearbook staff, National Honor Society, and community Service.
Favorite Book: Hillbilly Eglegy
Role Model: Malala Yousafzai
Plans after high school: "Attend a 4-year college or university and study international studies/Spanish. ."

Trey Knox Penn Station Athlete of the Month

Trey Knox

Blackman High School

Parents: liam Louis Knox Jr. and Katina Knox
Sibling(s): Katera and Rachel
Favorite Penn Station Store: Medical Center
Favorite Penn Station Sandwich: Philly Cheesesteak
Sports Hero: Antonio Brown
Extracurricular Activities: Singing, dancing, culinary club, and Community service club.
Favorite Book: The missing Children Series
Role Model: My Father
Plans after high school: "Play football for Arkansas and eventually the NFL."