Nutrition FAQ


Is your bread hearth baked and why?

Yes, Hearth breads are free form loaves that are baked directly on a hot baking stone or the floor of a wood fired oven. They bring a special experience to our customers highlighted by distinct crusty outside textures and a soft, wholesome interior. Nothing compares to the hearty rich flavor captured in this traditional bread.

Does your bread contain any animal products?

No, All of our bread is vegan and does not contain any animal products, including honey.

Is your bread kosher?

Penn Station's® proprietary bread is made at a kosher plant exclusively for Penn Station.

Does your bread contain milk/milk-derived ingredients?

No, our bread does not contain any milk or milk derived ingredients.

Does your bread contain any soy product?

No, our bread does not contain any soy. However, we do utilize a butter flavored oil on our bread which does contain soy.

Does your bread contain any nuts?

No, our bread does not contain any nut products.

Does your bread contain gluten?

Yes, our bread does contain gluten.

Does your bread contain either malt or barley?

The Penn Station bread does not have Barley or Malt added as separately scaled ingredients. However, technically, both are present, but only at a tenth of one percent to give the flour flow through the mill.

Does Penn Station put any butter on the proprietary bread before it is baked in the oven?

Penn Station utilizes a Premium Butter Flavored Oil on our Bread. This buttery flavored, opaque yellow liquid is formulated as a zero trans solution to typical buttery flavored oils. It is a golden color with a creamy rich savory butter flavor. The product contains the Orthodox Union (Circle U) Kosher Pareve Certification and has zero trans fats per serving. The nutritional information is contained under the "Bread" Section within each size sandwich.


Does your teriyaki contain gluten?

Yes, the teriyaki sauce contains gluten.

Does your proprietary steak contain gluten?

No, our proprietary steak seasoning does not contain gluten.

Does your chicken or tuna salad contain gluten?

No, our chicken and tuna salad are certified to be gluten free.

Does your peanut oil contain gluten?

No, the peanut oil we utilize for our fries does not contain gluten.

Peanut Oil

Do you use peanut oil in any of your products?

Yes, our fresh cut fries are cooked in a peanut oil blend (which includes soy).

Does your peanut oil contain any trans fats?

No, the peanut oil blend we utilize for our fresh cut fries is trans fat free.

Is your peanut oil refined?

Yes, our peanut oil and soy bean oil blend is fully refined.

Is the oil used in the making of your fresh cut fries vegan?

The product is O U Parve which is a kosher certification. Typically these requirements are more strict requirements than a vegan diet. Our oil does not come in contact with any meat that's like beef tallow and is all vegetable plant-based.


Is your chicken hormone free?

Yes, we utilize a chicken tender that is hormone and pesticide free.

Is monosodium glutamate (MSG) used in any of your foods?

Yes, our special proprietary steak seasoning produced exclusively for Penn Station's® contains MSG.

Does your chicken or tuna salad contain any nut products?

No, our chicken and tuna salad do not contain any nuts in their ingredients.

Do you add any preservatives to your fresh squeezed lemonade?

No, our lemonade does not have any preservatives added.

Does your teriyaki contain any dairy or animal products?

No, our teriyaki is kosher. It does not contain dairy or animal products.

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